Training Corner

Instructional Guides (IG) & Qualification Standard and Plan (QSP):

Level 1 IG Level 1 QSP

Level 2 IG Level 2 QSP

Level 3 IG Level 3 QSP

Level 4 IG Level 4 QSP

Level 5 IG | Level 5 QSP | Logbook

Drill and Ceremonial Manual:

Website | PDF Format

Squadron Standing Orders - outlines how the squadron operates.

Training Regulations

Symbols of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets Infographic

Lesson Plan Guide

Lesson Plan Templates (Classroom and Drill)

Level 4 Site (2018-2019) - find important dates for your performance checks, and the previous lessons taught to help you review

Level 3 Exam Review

Biathlon Training (Workout routine)

YMCA Membership Pricing



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