Dress Regulations

This is an important reference. It explains in detail all of the answers to the common questions: Where do I sew on that badge? Where do I pin my name tag? How should I have my hair? How do I lace my boots?...

Have a look for yourself: CATO 55-04

Illustrated Reference:

Cadet Parka

There are strict regulations as to how the cadet uniform shall/may be worn. If a cadet has been issued a Parka, during winter dress periods, they must wear it with the uniform and it must be worn zippered and buttoned. Please check the CATOs for further information on the use and wear of cadet uniforms.
  • Worn for ceremonial occasions, such as Annual Inspection, formal parades and other formal occasions.
  • Consists of the same items as C-2 Routine Training Dress, except that medals are worn instead of ribbons (if awarded).
  • Worn during "Winter Dress" period for regular training and other activities that require the wearing of the uniform.
  • Consists of the following uniform articles:
    • Wedge
    • Tunic with name tag and ribbons
    • Dress shirt with rank slip-ons
    • Tie
    • Pants
    • Belt
    • Grey socks
    • Boots
  • Worn during "Summer Dress" period for regular training and other activities that require the wearing of the uniform.
  • Consists of the following uniform articles:
    • Wedge
    • Dress shirt with rank slip-ons, name tag and ribbons
    • Pants
    • Belt
    • Grey socks
    • Boots
ALL CADETS: The deportment and appearance of all cadets and staff, in uniform or when wearing civilian attire, shall on all occasions reflect credit on the Canadian Cadet Movement, 742 National Capital Squadron, and the individual. When civilian attire is permitted, civilian attire shall be functional, safe and appropriate for the activity for which it is authorized.

  • Wearing jeans on a sports night is not functional and therefore, would not be authorized.
  • Wearing sports clothing to a formal dinner would not be appropriate to the activity and therefore, would not be authorized.
  • Wearing sandals on a hike would not be safe and therefore, would not be authorized.

1. Male cadets must always be clean-shaven when attending cadet activities, even when wearing civilian attire. Their hairstyle shall be compliant with CATO 55-04.
2. Female cadets do not need to have their hair to uniform standards when wearing civilian attire, but for safety reasons, long hair (i.e. hair that must be put in a bun or braid when in uniform) shall be gathered in a way that prevents it from falling over the face or obscuring vision.

PROPER CIVILIAN ATTIRE (New Recruits and Cadets out of uniform):

3. Proper civvies should be worn whenever a cadet cannot wear his/her uniform to an activity where other cadets are in uniform.

4. The following applies to cadets wearing civilian dress when the Dress of the Day is C1 or C2 (cadet uniform):
a. Jeans are not acceptable;
b. Civilian head-wear, including ball caps and hooded sweaters, are not permitted; and
c. Shirts are to be tucked in.

5. During Summer Dress:
a. collared shirt (buttoned dress shirt or golf shirt);
b. pressed dress pants; and
c. dress shoes worn with socks.

6. During Winter Dress:
a. collared dress shirt (preferably long-sleeve);
b. a jacket or sweater (optional);
c. pressed dress pants; and
d. dress shoes worn with socks.

7. During sports or PT (Physical Training) activities, the following items are appropriate for wear:
a. sports shoes and socks;
b. shorts or track pants (depending on preference and temperature);
c. t-shirt (a sweat shirt may be worn depending on temperature); and
d. if the activity is conducted outdoors, a hat (baseball cap or other).

8. The following items are some examples of clothing that are not authorized:
a. any item of clothing displaying offensive language or images, such as sexual, racial, illegal drug, violent or other inappropriate themes; and
b. except for female cadets' earrings (one per ear), no visible piercings are permitted. Tongue piercings are considered visible. Covering a forbidden piercing with an adhesive bandage (band-aid) is not acceptable.
QSs, TPs, POs can be found by going to https://portal-portail.cadets.gc.ca. The standing orders can be found under the resources section of this website.


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