Dress Regulations

The full PDF copy of the Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Dress Instructions can be found here.

As a cadet you are expected to maintain your uniform to the highest standard. If you are in need of any uniform part replacements, please do not hesitate to go see the Supply Officer, Captain Glendenning.

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Badge placement

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Note: summer training badges go on right sleeve; qualification badges (fitness, marksmanship, first aid) on left.

How to Wear Your Uniform
During your time as a cadet you will be issued a uniform. It is loaned to you and belongs to the Department of National Defence, and following your time with the Squadron, you must return your uniform. As such, you are expected to take good care of your uniform and take pride when wearing it. When in uniform, you represent not only yourself but also 742 Squadron, the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and the Cadet Program as a whole, so it is imperative to have a great looking uniform and maintain exceptional deportment. If you need help with the maintenance of your uniform, consult the senior cadets in your flight.

Deportment: a person's manners or behaviours. While in uniform you must have exceptional deportment and act professional at all times. The following is an excerpt regarding deportment from CATO 55-04, the Air Cadet Dress Regulations:

Chewing gum, slouching, sauntering, placing hands in pockets, smoking or eating on the street, walking hand in hand, and similar deportment which detracts from a proud and orderly appearance in the eyes of the public is unacceptable for cadets in uniform. The object of this guideline is to project an image of a disciplined and self-controlled group. Thus, as one example, physical displays of affection between uniformed cadets shall be avoided. 

The entirety of the boot must be polished to a mirror shine. This takes time and patience, but eventually you will develop a good shine. There are no tricks, you require only black polish, a polishing cloth, water and an old toothbrush. The following is the recommended sequence when polishing boots:

  1. Use the toothbrush to apply polish to the welts (side grooves) of the boot until blackened.
  2. Wrap polishing cloth tightly around index finger, dip in water and cover with a layer of polish.
  3. Apply polish to entire boot area with small circles, with an initial coat that blackens the leather.
  4. Reapply a thin layer of polish (and keep the cloth moist with water) in small circles in on the entirety of the booth.
  5. Subsequent polishing will lead to a mirror shine.

Your pants, dress shirt and tunic must all be kept clean and wrinkle free. When ironing, use the right temperature for the clothing item (cotton for dress shirt, wool for pants, wool for tunic), ample steam and a pressing cloth. 
Dress shirt: front and back kept wrinkle free, and a sharp crease down the centre of each sleeve.
Pants: wrinkle free with a sharp crease down the front and back of each pant leg.
Tunic: wrinkle free with no creases.

Cadet trousers are worn with creases running down the centre of the front and back of each leg. Trousers must be hemmed such that the length extends to the 3rd eyelet of the ankle boot. Remember that you will be growing while in cadets; once the trousers start to rise past the fourth eyelet, it is time to see the Supply Officer! Click here for a good video guide for pressing your trousers.

A better way to learn uniform maintenance may be to see it visually. For a video tutorial showing you every aspect of the maintenance of your uniform, check out this fantastic video made by cadets from 395 Squadron, in Edmonton:

Numbered order of dress
Your issued uniform comes in many variations of wear. When wearing your uniform you must follow what the rest of the squadron is wearing. In order to simplify this, variations of dress are numbered:


C1A (Ceremonial dress)

C-1 is the highest order of dress with tunic and tie.

- Wedge
- Cloth cap badge
- Shirt
- Necktie
- Jacket
- Trousers
- Boots
- Medals
- Pins
​- Cloth glider / power pilot badge

Authorized Accoutrements: 
- name tag
- lanyard
- white webbing and gloves


C2 (Mess Dress)


C2 is an optional uniform for wear in lieu of C1 (Ceremonial Dress) when formal dress is considered appropriate.

​The All-Season Jacket and black gloves can be worn as appropriate for winter dress instructions.

- Dress Shirt (white dress shirt optional)
- Necktie (black bow tie optional)
- Jacket
- Trousers
- Boots
​- Ribbons & Pins


C3 (Service Dress - Winter Dress)


Environmental Service Dress - normal LHQ training dress.

- Wedge with cloth cap badge
- shirt
- necktie
- jacket
- trousers
- boots
- ribbons and pins
​- cloth glider / power pilot badge

Authorized Accoutrements: name tag;
​If open necked order of dress is worn, shirt collar shall be outside and over jacket collar


C3B (Service Dress - Summer Dress)


- Wedge with cloth cap badge
- shirt
- rank slip-ons
- trousers
- boots
- ribbons and pins

Authorized accoutrements: name tag and metal pilot/glider wings


C3E (Service Dress - Travel Dress)


- Wedge with cloth cap badge
- blue t-shirt
- jacket (worn or carried)
- trousers
- boots
- ribbons and pins
- cloth glider / power pilot badge

Authorized accoutrements: name tag


C3F (Service Dress - Summer Training or As Authorized)


- wedge with cloth cap badge
- blue t-shirt
- trousers
​- boots


C5 (Training Dress)

Air cadets are only issued C5B Order of Dress - flight suit and C5E - PT gear

C5B (Training Dress - Flight Suit)


- flight suit
- issued ball cap
- blue t-shirt
- rank slip-ons
- boots (alternative footwear may be authorized based on the activity)

Authorized accoutrements:
- name tape (worn on the front right side above the zippered pocket)
- squadron badge (worn on the right shoulder)
- aircraft badge (worn on the left shoulder)
- cloth glider / power pilot badge (worn on the front left side above the zippered pocket)
- glider pilot instructor course badge (worn on front left side under the zippered pocket)


C5E (Training Dress - Sports)


personal or issued
- ball cap; or wide brimmed tan summer hat (CTC only) - headdress is optional for indoor sports activities
- black t-shirt
- shorts
- socks or white sport socks
​- runners

Authorized accoutrements: appointment or rank brassard. No name tag or tape.




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