General Information

There are 23 Cadet Training Centres (CTCs) located in various provinces and territories across Canada.

Cadets are selected to attend summer training based on their attendance, behaviour, and other attributes that they had demonstrated throughout the cadet training year. You must have been a Cadet prior to March 31 in order to be considered and apply for summer training.

If you are selected to participate in summer training you will have the chance to travel to a training centre in Eastern, Atlantic and Central Region. If you are selected for a specialized course or your Region does not offer a particular program you may have the opportunity to travel to another training centre located even further from your home where you will meet other cadets from all over Canada.

CTCs offer more in-depth study and experience in the area in which you are selected to participate. Some summer training centres involve all three elements (Sea, Army and Air Cadets) learning and working together in one location. It is the chance to meet friends for life during an experience you will never forget!

Cadets interested in summer training are asked to fill out the 2021 Virtual Summer Training Form. Please fill out the form with your first, second, and third choices no later than 21 April 2021.

Note: All virtual courses will require an internet connection, and device to complete the training on.

For eligibility criteria and course descriptions, visit this link:

Questions should be directed to

2018 Summer Training Information Session Presentation Slides from Feb 2018

2019 Summer Training Information Session Presentation Slides from June 2019

Filling our an Offer of Participation (permission form) Step by Step Guide

CTC Information Booklets

Eastern Region Joining Instructions (Bagotville, Valcartier, ERCB, CMTC, CFTC)

Atlantic Region Joining Instructions (Argonaut, Greenwood, HMCS Acadia,)

Canadore Joining Instructions (Canadore College - National Courses)

Connaught Joining Instructions (ARMIC course only)

Travel Itineraries (Updated: TBD )

Latest updates to individual itineraries are highlighted in orange (below).

To access the itinerary, click on the course that the Cadet is attending, Find the individual itinerary, the document provides both departure to the summer training centre and arrival back to Ottawa. (Any missing itineraries should be published shortly)

Personal Transportation: Cadets who plan to travel to and/or from a Cadet Training Centre (CTC) via personal transportation must coordinate with the Movement Coordination Centres of the specific region. They must also notify the CTC and send an email to This should be done at least 5 days prior to departure.

  • National Courses
  • Glider Pilot Training Course
  • Power Pilot Training Course
  • Staff Cadet
  • Advanced Aviation Course
  • Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Course
  • Basic Aviation Course
  • Basic Aviation Technology & Aerospace Course
  • Basic Drill & Ceremonial Course
  • Basic Fitness & Sports Course
  • Basic Survival Course
  • Drill & Ceremonial Instructor Course
  • Fitness & Sports Instructor Course
  • General Training Course 1
  • General Training Course 2
  • General Training Course 3
  • Music Courses
  • Survival Instructor Course


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