Cadet Activities Program

The intention to apply for the Cadet Activities Program (CAP) is currently OPEN.

Notice of interest can be submitted by e-mail to Capt Element at AND MAKE SURE TO IDENTIFY PREFERRED DATES!

What should you expect from CAP?  Cadet Activities Programs (or CAP) will offer in-person* activities held in your community. During five days, you will have the opportunity to live experiences related to the local training program.


Here is an overview of possible activities:

  • Sports activities
  • Marksmanship activities
  • Military drill training
  • Geocaching
  • Element specific day
  • Teamwork training
  • And much more!

* In order to minimize the chances for COVID-19 transmission, the practice of grouping or bubbling will be used.


Here are the dates, CAP will be available for summer 2021:

  • July 05-09, 2021  (Deadline for registration: 2021-06-21);
  • July 12-16, 2021  (Deadline for registration: 2021-07-02);
  • July 19-23, 2021  (Deadline for registration: 2021-07-09);
  • July 26-30, 2021  (Deadline for registration: 2021-07-16);
  • August 02-06, 2021  (Deadline for registration: 2021-07-23); and
  • August 09-13, 2021  (Deadline for registration: 2021-07-30).




Updated: Jun 23rd, 2021 at 8:20 PM (EST)