About Committee

The Sponsoring Committee is the local representative of the Air Cadet League of Canada. The 742 Sponsoring Committee is composed of between 5 and 11 interested parents (of current and former cadets) and other community members. Membership is decided on a yearly basis through an election held in May or June for the following training year. A list of current members is found under the "Members" tab.

The Sponsoring Committee works in partnership with the squadron officers to organize and conduct local training program in compliance with the 3 goals of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets (to develop leadership and good citizens, to promote physical fitness and to stimulate an interest in aviation).

The Sponsoring Committee is responsible for:

  • providing suitable accommodation for cadet training and activities;
  • promoting the Cadet Program to the community;
  • fundraising and managing the squadron's funds and bank account (including maintaining charitable organzation status); and
  • ensuring that cadets are evaluated and treated fairly.

Contact Information:

  • by email: 742.chairperson@cadetsair.ca
  • by phone: (613) 737-3380
  • by regular mail:

742 National Capital Squadron
Box 40008, 2515 Bank St.
Ottawa ON , K1V 0W8


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