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Welcome Back BBQ & Admin Night (Sept 06)

Recruitment 2018-2019

At this time, we have not begun our recruitment process yet. Dates will be posted for recruitment in the upcoming weeks - stay updated here on our website.

For more info on membership requirements, documents needed, etc, go to the tab Joining 742.


(including those who have completed level 4 this year):
Please send an email to indicating if you will be returning in September (please also email if you will not be returning). If you are, please indicate your first and second choice for which level you would like to instruct next year.
The following cadets must email: 
Pupaza Teodorescu

Photos from 55th ACR 2018

Click here to see photos from this year's Annual Ceremonial Review!


- A Presentation has been added to view

(Summer Training>General Information>2018 Summer Training Information Session Presentation Slides from June 2018)

- All travel itieneraies have been added (as well as emailed individually *check your junk folder if you have not recieved it yet*)

- Kit lists (packing lists) are provided in the joining instructions

- REMEMBER - ALL 3 & 6 week course cadets attending camp in Quebec need to have a banking information sheet.


Questions: Direct to Capt Donner @

SUPPLY: Uniforms and Name Tags

A list of uniforms* that are ready to be picked up can be found here.

A list of name tags that are ready to be picked up can be found here.

*Uniforms will be held no longer than 60 days.


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