Here is the team of adult leaders responsible for our cadets. The officers are members of the Cadet Instructor Cadre branch which falls within Cadet Organistation Administration and Training Service (COATS), a sub-component of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves. Their primary duty is the safety, supervision, administration and training of cadets. They do not work for the Squadron on a full-time basis; some are students, others have full-time civilian careers; and all dedicate their spare time to helping cadets grow and achieve their potential. They are assisted from time to time by Civilian Instructors and Regular Force or Reserve members of other components of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Position Name Rank
Commanding Officer Major Lyle Brennan Major
Training Officer Captain Nicole Lang Captain
Administration Officer Captain Jennifer Donner Captain
Supply Officer Captain Carlee Glendenning Captain
Project Officer Captain Sandy Element Captain
Music Program - Senior Band Officer / NCR Band Coordinator Major Jean-François Lambert Major
Music Program - 75&742 Assistant Music Program Coordinator Major Jean-Pierre Lafleur (PRes Volunteer) Major
Assistant Training Officer / Level 5 Officer Second Lieutenant Abigail Chan Second Lieutenant
Chief Instructor Captain Adrian Schmid Captain
Level 4 Officer Officer Cadet Nicholas Hayes Officer Cadet
Level 3 Officer Second Lieutenant Angela Newall Second Lieutenant
Level 3 2IC Civilian Instructor Dominique Morris Civilian Instructor
Level 2 Officer Civilian Instructor Austin Harding Civilian Instructor
Level 2 2IC Civilian Instructor Sam Gauthier Civilian Instructor
Level 1 Officer / Music Program Civilian Instructor Moobinah Faisal Civilian Instructor
Level 1 2IC Civilian Instructor Justin Janota Civilian Instructor
Training Support Lieutenant Dorian Reid Lieutenant
Training Support Civilian Instructor Irbaz Rehman Civilian Instructor
Assistant Administration Second Lieutenant Anna Laperle Second Lieutenant
Administration Staff / Music Program Civilian Instructor Cheryl Thompson Civilian Instructor
Assistant Supply / Music Program - 742 SQN Band Officer Civilian Instructor Kaitlyn Norquay Civilian Instructor
Advisor Captain Steven Trainor (RegF Volunteer) Captain
Instructor & SR NCM Mentor Captain Gary Cunningham (RegF Volunteer) Captain
Standards & SR NCM Mentor Master Warrant Officer Mark Donner (RegF Volunteer) Master Warrant Officer
Standards & SR NCM Mentor Petty Officer 2nd Class Stephen McCarthur (RegF Volunteer) Petty Officer 2nd Class
Standards & SR NCM Mentor Sergeant Jason Towle (RegF Volunteer) Sergeant
Junior Ground School Instructor Civilian Instructor Mike Wilson Civilian Instructor
Ground School Instructor Civilian Instructor Thomas Stieber Civilian Instructor


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