Welcome to 742 National Capital Air Cadet Squadron!


We are an exciting and large squadron of approximately 300 cadets and 20-25 staff members. In addition to our core program, we offer a variety of optional activities for youth between the ages of 12 and 18.  Feel free to check out the website for more information on the Cadet Program and 742 Squadron. Follow us @742squadron on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:




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Food Drive

Don't forget to bring in your non-perishable food items to help those in need. A reward is in play for the flight with the most items and the most items per person!

Most needed items:

  • Baby Diapers
  • Baby Food & Formula
  • Canned Fish & Meat
  • Canned Vegetables & Fruit
  • Cereal (Whole Grains)
  • Dry Pasta (Whole Grain) & Sauce
  • Legumes (Canned or Dried)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Rice (brown)
  • Stews & Chili

MARKSMANSHIP - Sat Dec 15 9:30-12:30pm

Last Marksmanship practice until Team Try Outs!

20 spots open for Marksmanship Dec 15th.

Junior cadets have priority for this activity.

Practice will be 9:30-12:30 pm at 201 Crestway Drive

Sign up via 742 signup email.

What is Marksmanship?

Marksmanship focuses on teaching cadets the proper use and safe handling of firearms for recreational purposes only. The marksmanship program has been specifically designed for youth and is based on Olympic-style competition.

Zone Marksmanship Competition will take place March 16 2019 (during March Break). Any cadets interested in trying out for the Team please inform officers in charge. Juniors 12-14 years old are needed!


National Summer Training Course Study Guide 2019 Available

The National Summer Training Course Study Guide 2019 Available on the website

Summer Training>National Courses>Preparatory Study Guide 2019 (bottom of page)

WO2 Merit Review Boards - Feb. 14 2019

WO2 MRBs will take place Feb 14th. The list of eligible FSgts has been posted. (See details)

Photos from 55th ACR 2018

Click here to see photos from this year's Annual Ceremonial Review!