Welcome to 742 National Capital Air Cadet Squadron!


We are an exciting and large squadron of approximately 300 cadets and 20-25 staff members. In addition to our core program, we offer a variety of optional activities for youth between the ages of 12 and 18.  Feel free to check out the website for more information on the Cadet Program and 742 Squadron. Follow us @742squadron on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:



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End of year Administration is finalized Cadet files.  A number have issues that need to be addressed before the end of the training year.  These CAN and WILL affect Summer Camp applications, as well as being able to continue with the Cadet Program.

HEALTH CARDS EXPIRING - Please bring new one to Admin to be copied and your file updated!

  • FSgt Wang, Raymond
  • Sgt Balubal, Cyril
  • Sgt Han, Youran
  • FCpl Rytsar, Dariy
  • Sgt Vasconcelos, Nicholas
  • Cpl Mirfakhraei, Sohail
  • Cpl Nacis, Jenny

FCpl BOUDREAU - Attend Administration Office on Thursday!


Next Thursday, May 23rd, we will be holding a second round of PROMOTIONS so that all cadets have time to sew on their new ranks before the ACR. We have 49 more promotions (including those who were absent this week) and long service medals being presented!! Please make sure you have fulfilled the requirements to pass your level! (alternatively they will be promoted May 23rd if all POs are completed).

Level 3s click here to see if you are missing an evaluation

56th Annual Ceremonial Review (May 26) - MANDATORY

3 DAYS UNTIL THE 56th ACR! There will be awards, presentations, speeches, and static displays; followed by a Potluck. SEE CALENDAR FOR MORE DETAILS👇

❗️ACR Practice is on Saturday, May 25 from 0900-1600 and in appropriate civilian attire (squadron t-shirt/hoodie encouraged). Cadets need to bring a lunch, water bottle & snacks.

‼️ The ACR on Sunday, May 26 from 0800-1600 is MANDATORY for ALL cadets & is required to pass their level. Pizza lunch will be provided, if you have dietary restrictions, pls bring your lunch. Dress: C-1 Ceremonial Dress.



Flights 1,2 and 3 – Sandwich tray (labelled – pork, fish, beef, eggs, etc.)
Flight 4 – Salad or vegetable tray
Flight 5 – Fruit or cheese tray
Flight 6, 7 and band – Desserts
Flight 8, Flag Party and Warrants – Pop or juice, in cans or single serving boxes (no
energy drinks!)

Mess Dinner (May 30) - Reserve your spot ASAP!

Cost: $10 per cadet
SIGN-UP will ONLY by accepted by the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (located at Canteen). Email signup is NOT permitted.

Meal Choices (please indicate when signing up):

Chicken Option: Red Pepper and Feta-stuffed Chicken Breast, topped with a Balsamic Drizzle , Roasted Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables

Vegetarian Option: Quinoa-Stuffed Red Pepper, Roasted Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables 

*Cadets partaking in Ramadan should identify when signing up that they would like to receive their meal later in the evening.

SUPPLY: Uniforms and Name Tags

A list of uniforms* that are ready to be picked up can be found here.

A list of name tags that are ready to be picked up can be found here.

*Uniforms will be held no longer than 60 days.

Power Flying (June 1)

Email 742signup@gmail.com to sign up for an amazing flight in a 4-passenger aircraft! Transportation is provided, exact timings for return to the hangar will be confirmed, but will be approximately 4:45 PM. Cadets must arrive at the hangar at 11:15 am for an 11:30 departure via bus to Carp Airport. Bring a lunch and some activities/homework to do while you wait for your flight.